The project architect, sometimes called the Architect of Record, is typically responsible for aspects such as aesthetic, dimensional, occupant comfort and fire safety. When a pre-engineered building is selected for a project, the architect accepts conditions inherent in the manufacturer’s product offerings for aspects such as materials, colours, structural form, dimensional modularity, etc.

The structural Engineer of Record is responsible to specify the design parameters for the project (e.g. materials, loads, design standards, service limits) and to ensure that the element and assembly designs by others are consistent in the global context of the finished building.

Package Design Detail
STAAD.ProV8i Design of Built-up & Hot rolled sections
MBS software Design of Pre-Engineered Buildings
Master Series Design of Composite Mezzanine Floor
Design of Cold form sections

The drafting office utilizes the following software packages

Package Design Detail
AutoCAD-2015 Preparation of GA & Fabrication drawings
Metal Building System (MBS) Preparation of GA & Fabrication drawings
Structen Prefab Pvt Ltd